How do I prepare for my tan?

The most important contributing factor to your airbrush tanning results is EXFOLIATION. You need to exfoliate your entire body (make sure not to miss the inner arms, above the armpits, between and below the breasts and your neck!) preferably 24 hours in advance of your session. Exfoliation ensures an even application, longer lasting result and perfect fade. Use a washcloth or exfoliating mitt (available at our studio for $20) – no loofahs! Also do not use Dove soap or Vaseline as it may leave a film on your skin that can block the absorption of your tan.
Manicures, pedicures, waxing and shaving should all be done prior to your appointment. You may use lotion or moisturizers up to 4 hours in advance of your session, but please refrain from moisturizing within that four hour window for best results.

What should I wear and/or bring to my appointment?

Dark, loose fitting clothes are recommended as the cosmetic bronzer in the solution may transfer to clothing. We recommend sweat pants, loose fitting yoga pants or maxi skirts and flip flops. You will want to refrain from wearing socks or a bra after your session. If it’s raining the day of your session, long sleeves and long pants are an absolute must and bring an umbrella. Rain can wreak havoc on your new tan!

Will I be orange?

No. Safely Sunning uses only the highest quality solutions that produce a beautifully natural golden brown glow every time. Because we custom blend your solution to fit your skin tone and your lifestyle, you can rest assured that there will be no orange tone to your tan. We even guarantee it!

Is there only one color of solution?

Of course not! We use multiple brands and intensities of solution to ensure we are able to give you exactly the look you are trying to achieve. Whether you want a soft winter glow or a “just back from the beach” dark tan, we have you covered.

How many times do I need to tan to achieve the color I want?

Everyone’s skin type and tone are unique. You will definitely be tan just hours after your session. It takes just one.

Do I have to take off all my clothes for the application?

This is a personal choice. You may undress to your comfort level – swimsuit, bikini, bra and panties, g-string, topless, nude – it’s your call.

How long does the appointment take?

We schedule our appointments every 30 minutes. This allows us time to consult and educate each client. The actual tanning process will only take about 15 minutes.

How long will my tan last?

This varies from person to person as each individual’s skin has its own exfoliation rate. The tan is only absorbed into the top layer of skin cells (epidermis) so we want to keep those skin cells on your body as long as possible. That’s why proper exfoliation prior to your session as well as proper post-tan care is a must. Activity levels and lifestyle contribute greatly to the length of time your tan will last, as well. The average person will have at least four to five days of strong color and fade from there. Some people will get as much as 12-14 days out of their tans.

How long do I need to wait to get wet or shower?

This depends on the solution you choose. With a regular solution we recommend waiting at least 12 hours to ensure full color development and longest wear. With an express tan you MUST shower in 2-5 hours (your airbrush specialist will tell you exactly how long to wait). The express tan allows you to shower sooner and go about your day without the worry of sweat or water drops ruining your tan.

How do I take care of my tan?

Your airbrush specialist will go over your post-tan care instructions in detail with you at your appointment. We’ll even send a reminder card with all the instructions so you can refer back at any time.

Does my airbrush tan protect me from the sun?

Airbrush tanning solutions do not contain any sunscreen and will not protect you from the sun. We recommend using a waterproof sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher to protect yourself from sunburn and harmful UV rays.

Why do some spray tans look patchy as they fade?

Because your skin exfoliates at an uneven rate, spray tans may appear to be blotchy or patchy as they fade (think snake skin appearance). Moisturizing daily with a high-quality, oil-free moisturizer or tan extender will not only help your tan last longer but will also help diminish this effect. You may purchase our recommended products at our studio. Also, the more drastic the color change between your natural color and your airbrush tan, the more noticeable this patchy fade may be. We recommend only going a few shades darker than your natural coloring for best results and the most natural fading process.

Is spray tanning safe if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

The fact is no studies have been done on the safety of airbrush tanning for pregnant or breast feeding women. We recommend that all clients who fit into this category consult with their doctor before scheduling their session. We will happily provide protective measures for pregnant or nursing clients.

Can I get a spray tan if I have a sunburn or am peeling?

No. Because your skin will be peeling off it is highly recommended that you do not book an airbrush tanning session. Burns will cause your tan to fade very unevenly. Please wear sunscreen and book when your skin is done shedding.

My face and hands seem to fade faster than the rest of my body. Why is that?

Because we wash our hands multiple times per day, the skin on our hands will slough off significantly faster than it will on the rest of the body. Our faces also have skin that is thinner than the rest of the body which does not allow as much solution to be absorbed. Combine that with the acids in anti-aging creams and moisturizers (they are meant to promote exfoliation!) and it is natural for our faces to fade quicker. We have products to help combat this issue or you can simply apply a little bronzer to your face to match it up with your neck and body.

Teeth Whitening FAQ

We're so excited you've made the decision to brighten your smile with us.  Here are some helpful tips and FAQ: 

It is recommended that anyone under the age of 18 receive parental or guardian consent for the Professional In-Studio treatment.

Currently there is no regulation on whitening during pregnancy. Whitening sensitivities vary from client to client and pregnancy can result in heightened sensitivities among clients.

It is not recommended to whiten if you have gingivitis and or periodontal disease. In either case, please consult with your dentist prior to whitening.

We recommend you have a cleaning prior to whitening. This removes the film layer on the teeth, providing faster results. If you have not had a cleaning, the whitening gel has to remove the film layer prior to removing stains. This will reduce the whitening results for some patients. We will not refuse anyone without a recent teeth cleaning, however please understand that your results will vary based on the state of your teeth.

It is not recommended to proceed with the treatment if you have canker or open sores in the mouth as it may cause discomfort and pain during the treatment. The whitening gel will cause no harm to the canker or to the open sores as peroxide has been used on dental patients to heal oral tissue, however, we want you to be comfortable and enjoy your experience.

All oral piercings must be removed prior to whitening.

The gel has a subtle mint and slight peroxide taste. The gel taste is very comparable to other whitening gels on the market for anyone who has used other whitening products.

When bonding is applied to someone's teeth, it has been applied in a specific color. Any stains the have occurred over time will be removed from the bonding but the original color of the bonding will remain the same. The whitening gel will not harm or weaken the bonding but the gel cannot change the original bonding color, which can result in our client having mismatching teeth as some are whiter than others. It is important to understand this before your treatment begins.  We will do a shade match on teeth that do not have bonding for most accurate results.

There is no limit to how many professional in-studio sessions you can do in your lifetime. Be advised that teeth cannot be whitened beyond their maximum natural whiteness, which will vary client to client. Since the gel is pH neutral, it cannot harm the enamel. Once you have reached maximum results, your teeth will not get whiter. You can maintain whiteness by doing an in-studio session every 2 to 6 months pending on your stain levels.

You can do another session the following day (24 hours) minimum in between provided you have no white spots or soreness. If you experience white spots or soreness, it is advised to wait until any white spots have been disappeared.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call or text Heather at 785.431.3277.  We look forward to seeing you at your appointment!